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(Alloy steel (Adamite) and S.G. Iron/ Nodular)

We are one of the most experienced and technically sound in understanding the requirement of rolls for diffrent rolling mills, we can suggest, manufacture and supply Quality rolls as per requirements for todays modren rolling mills and meet Stringent demands in quality and stability.

High Quality liquid metal with Precise chemical composition (Treated with Argon gas) and different heat treatment cycles ensures the manufacture of quality rolls.

Alloy Steel (Adamite)

Cr-Ni-MO Alloyed rolls and Ring/Reels

This is one of the most commonly used grade in re- rolling mills for rolling of various section in diffrent stand. The Strength of rolls is enhanced with addition of various alloys like Nickel Chromium and Molybdenum.

Further these rolls undergo varios heat treatment cycles which adds to thier strength results in high resistance to abrasion and thermal fatigue.

Being casted in single piece with uniform chemical composition and proper heat treatment cycle, these rolls have an important feature that the 'hardness' is almost uniform throughhout the working life which ensures roll gap consistency and results and in complete flexibility during operation.

Application : These rolls are widely used in today challenging rolling conditions in diffrent types of Automatic, Semi automatic and conventional Re-Rolling mills rolling diffrent shapes and section which include angles, channels, girders, H-beams, Rounds tmt bars etc.

These are ideal for Roughing, intermediate and finishing stands of heavy to light Section Mills and Roughing and intermedisste stands of bar and rod mills Constand hardness profile is the reason these rolls are ideal where deep grooves exist and thus ensure roll gap consistency and reducing the down time considerabily.

Adamite Rolls for Roughing stands(Grade35-40)

To reduce the increasing costs of labour and down time we have developed a special Alloy steel (Admite) grade for Roughing stands for Rolling of diffrent section.The grade developed with continuous research and special heat treatments can give life as much as 4 times and even more than the conventional forged rolls and hence costs even less than half the price of the forged rolls thus result in reduction in downtime and saving of precious man hours.

It is due to the above that we are receiving repeated orders from our customers who use these rolls.