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(Nodular Pearlitic/ Baintic Acicular)

Description: In these Rolls the graphite is in the from of spheroids produced by suitable inoculation.
Most nodular iron rolls are chill cast resulting with a hard working layer and softener necks.

The alloy content is accurately controlled to give fine and well distributed graphite nodules and refined carbide in generally pearlitic or bainitic / martenstic matrix. The higher alloy content Cr-Ni-Mo Makes the Rolls tougher and wear resistant.


PEARLITIC: Excellent combination of neck strength and wear resistance in this grade of rolls has been standard choise for roughing to intermediate and prefinishing stands in bar and rod mills and light to medium section mills.

ACICULAR: High Alloy content makes this grade better in quality & the superior wear resistance and toughness makes it ideal for Finishing Stands in almost all application of Bar, Rod and Light to Medium Section Mills.

Indefinite Chill Alloy Cast Iron

These are cast iron based rolls alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum.
These have very good thermal properties and provide a better surface finish to the material.

Application: These are mainly used in Finishing Stands of Bar, Rod and TMT Mills.

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