Heavy Engineering Casting from 10 KG to 50 MT

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Steel Castings In all Grades

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We manufacture steel casting in as cast, proof machined and finish machined condition for various heavy engineering applications which include :-

Steel Plants: Chocks, Entry Traverse, Table frame yokes, Extractor Head, Slage Laddle Cups & Paw Casting etc.
Sugar Industry: Pinions (is1030, is2708 (Gr i, ii, iii, iiiB) IS2644etc. Blank Gears Trash Plates Couplings, Trash Beams and Sprockets Bearing Housing etc.
Rolling Mills Industry: Alloy Steel Adamite & SGIi Rolls Mill Stands Caps Rest Bare Fly Wheels (Runing at high rpm (700 rpm) Coupling Gear Coupling Boxes Pinions for Reduction Gear Boxes Covveyor Rolls.
Cement Mill Industry: Mills Heads, Tyres, Girth Gears etc. in all gardes
Sponge Iron Industry: Girth Gears, Kiln Tyres Cooler, Tyres Support Rollers etc.
Material Handling Industry: All types of Gears, Pinions and other steel castings as per specifications.
Hand tools Industry : Shaker Hearth Trays.
Rubber industry : Casted Screws, Gears, Mill Stands, Housings, Brarings (Water Cooled).

Bridge bearings and plates for Flyovers Bridges and Ship Bollards.
And any other Steel Castings Forgings & machinery parts as per requirement and specifications.
We also undertake refurbishing heat treatment and repair of runners (francis & pelton) Gears Pinions and other spares which include welding heat treatment & further machining.